The Inverted Umbrella Experience

~ Journey into a new era ~

Stand Out from the Crowd

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”
Mark Twain

Picture yourself dressed in a warm coat on a winter’s evening, approaching the entrance of a fine restaurant.  Your black umbrella shimmers slightly from the warm glow of the lights on the water drops, as you spot your friends through the window. You fold your umbrella easily as you enter door and are greeted by the restaurant staff. No need to leave your umbrella at the entrance, as you gently roll it closed with the rain captured inside and proceed directly to meet your friends. You say hello and sit down, standing your umbrella next to you, as the evening commences.

The dinner progresses with delicious food and wine, your friends comment on the umbrella beside you, asking about the unique c-shaped handle. You explain the features of your new Inverted Umbrella… simple, yet stylish and elegant. You smile quietly to yourself as the evening continues with dessert and conversation.

As the evening concludes you say goodbye to your friends and thank them for a lovely dinner. Its still raining outside as you slide open your umbrella and walk down the street to your car. Still under the shelter of your umbrella, you take a seat in the car and partly close the door before folding the umbrella away and placing it on the seat, dry and hassle free. You start the car and warm your hands, before driving off and quietly recalling the evening just past…

How to neatly roll up your Inverted Umbrella

Step 1

With your umbrella in the horizontal position, place your left hand at the base (near the button) and your right hand holding the c-shape handle.

Inverted Umbrella rolling up instructions - 1

Step 2

With your right hand, gradually turn the umbrella (anti-clockwise) while moving your left hand up towards the top of the umbrella. Gently squeeze your left hand to create a tight wrap.

Inverted Umbrella rolling up instructions - 2

Step 3

Once you have reached the top of the umbrella with your left hand, stop and hold the wrapping firmly in this position. With you right hand, grab the Velcro strap and secure.

Inverted Umbrella rolling up instructions - 3


If you like, you may place the Inverted Umbrella in its original soft fabric pouch.
Do this by slipping the pouch over the top of the umbrella with your left hand, and with your right hand gradually turn the umbrella in the same fashion as Step 2. As you turn, pull the pouch towards the handle until fully on.

Inverted Umbrella with soft fabric pouch

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